The Basic Witch

Welcome, come right in, and let’s talk witchcraft, paganism, but with a difference. Let’s get down to basics, the no frill, no massive overlays on that gorgeous athame when, in reality, that butter knife will do. Let’s talk spells, herbs, crystals, oils, candles and moon cycles. Let’s talk deities, divination and dreams.

To be honest, I’m tired. I’m tired of picking up books with shopping lists instead of actual content. I’m tired of speaking to others who truly believe that spending a small fortune will make them a more successful witch. I’m tired of the over the top ritual and commands that you have to follow, I’m tired of the idea that you have to prove yourself to others through these means.

No. You don’t. Just put down the credit card and listen. All you really need is you. This isn’t some wishy washy affirmation meme, but the tools don’t give the skill, you have the skill and whether you use a crystal tipped wand made from “genuine” unicorn horn, or a wooden spoon, you will pretty much get the same result. The real kicker is your intent.

I hope this blog will help people see a different way, the no frills, get back to basics, and use their power instead of worrying about casting that next spell because they can’t afford to get the supplies. I want to strip things away, reject the glamour, and get down and dirty. I hope you’ll join me.