Though I am pretty anti consumerism when it comes to witchcraft, there are some things I would happily spend money on, as well, I need them. They are not bank balance breakers, and serve a purely practical purpose; to use in spells.

  • Candles. Most spells require these, whether to burn pieces of paper  or to send up your intent with the smoke and flames. Coloured candles can be appropriate for the occasion, red for passion, green for money, yellow for creativity, or you can use plain white ones. Anointing them with oils is another option, it’s completely up to you. Now I would say the more natural the better when it comes to candles, beeswax are an absolute delight to use, the smell, the feel, i could wax lyrical (pun intended) on them, however, the humble tealight, bought in bulk, is just as good, as one made by virginal mountain bees.  In favour of tealights, they’re cheap, they come in many many different colours and a lot of spells require you to let the candle burn out completely. A lot of my spell work is at night (only peaceful time I actually get) so I don’t particularly want a candle that can go on for hours and hours. A tealight is roughly 2 hours burning time, which is absolutely perfect for me, though choose to your own personal preferences.
  • Herbs. Not all of us are blessed to live in little country cottages with land to boot, or indeed houses with a garden. I’m currently living in a flat, with my husband, 2 children and far too many cats (plus the long suffering dog) in a big city. I have no garden to speak of, though I do have a lovely park nearby where the spaniel frolics, but foraging is a bit tricky there. When I attempted to grow herbs on my kitchen windowsill, my cats took it as a field day and thought they had a nice new litter tray. Ugh. So, purchase them I must (or nab some from my mother in law!) Uses are so varied for herbs, that they are worth the (little) money you should have to spend on them. From oil infusions, brews, salves, spell work, smudging and burning, plus much more, they really are necessary.
  • Essential Oils. For a quick candle anointing, to burn in an oil burner for scent, bathing, even to wear as perfume (with an appropriate carrier) essential oils are vital to me. I carry around a small bottle of sweet basil in my handbag for when I get tired, I use spike lavender under our pillows when we have the cold (sleep + clearing) , juniper berry to shake off negativity. There are so many varieties and so many uses, just make sure you purchase them from a trustworthy source. No one wants dodgy oils.
  • Fireproof bowl. You can buy cauldrons for this purpose or just use something you can burn stuff safely in. Many spells require you to burn paper, herbs, etc and its good to have something to hand where you can do that without setting fire to the rest of your home. If you have a fireplace or firepit in the garden, that will do the job nicely too.
  • Crystals. Now I’m adding them to the list because a lot of witches I know swear by them, and I must admit, I do love them too, but I wouldn’t say they are necessities, but very good little boosters, very like essential oils. Pop a moss agate in your purse for prosperity, a citrine for happiness, a garnet to spice things up in your lovelife and amethyst under your pillow for a good nights sleep. They are incredibly useful (pretty too!)

Through the course of the blog I’ll be going into these things a little deeper, as well as other subjects. Hope to meet again.

Blessed Be

The Basic Witch.

Burning Christmas candles


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