Protect yourself

Within ritual and spellcasting, you need one thing most of all. Protection. You are fixed on what you are doing, and even if you are doing something positive, negative influences can come through, like a spiritual std and the more powerful a spell you are casting, the scarier and more powerful the negative forces can be. There are things you just don’t mess with, fairy rings being one that springs to mind as an example (may be because I had a long conversation about the fae with my husband last night while he was trying to sleep!)

Many books offer very thorough rituals and activities to invoke protection. While solid and reasonable one thought comes to mind which I will convey through a meme;


I’m lucky if I get an hour to myself, which is what I generally need to prepare and carry through my spell or ritual. Any longer than that then the cats start headbutting the door and the kids start demanding something. Your time is sacred, and while your workings deserve as much time as you can give them, I find the calling of elements and quarters a bit unnecessary. I’m not slamming them as unimportant, I just think there are other ways that are just as effective, and don’t consume so much time.

Magic is mainly all about intent, you spend your energy making something happen. The rest is just additives, little booster packs to up the power. If you are fully engaged in what you are doing then you will have no problems.


Simple Protection Working

Get everything ready for your spell/ritual. Light your candles, burn your incense.

Do some simple breathing exercises, this helps you to calm down and relax.

Stand up if you can. With your wand or index finger extended walk (or turn if space is limited) in the deosil (clockwise) direction. Imagine a bright blue light streaming out of the end of your wand/finger. Keep your mind focused on protection and what it is you are needing. If it helps, you can say a few words like:

Protection I seek
Protection I gain
As I cast my circle
My protection remains
So mote it be.


Feel free to write your own chant, words have power and I’ve found that there is more oomph in your own than using someone elses. That being said, theres no shame in using someone elses, as long as you mean what you say. Always read over other peoples spells before using them, some may not be exactly what you are looking for.

After you have turned full circle, you can begin. Once you are finished, do the same actions, but widdershins (anti clockwise) almost bringing the light back into you. Others simply “cut” the circle with their hand, wand or athame. It’s up to you. Offer thanks for the protection, then it is finished.

Simple really, isn’t it? I try to always make time to do this, even when making simple infusions, it can’t hurt to have a little back up can it?

Remember folks (pun coming) practice safe hex! Use protection!


Until next time, Blessed Be

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