Pendulum Prowess

There are many types of divination out there, from tarot, runes and scrying. My personal favourite is the old faithful, pendulums.

Pendulums can come in many shapes and sizes, the most common being the pointed crystal, but really, anything can be used as a pendulum, it’s up to you what you favour. When it comes to choosing one, don’t think about the meanings and attributes of each crystal (for once!), that clouds the judgement for this. For pendulum choosing it is all about what draws you in. If you are in a shop it is easier, look at them, touch them, do any of them feel different, special? If so then take it and love it. I’m at a disadvantage that there are no pagan type shops nearby so I rely on the internet, but never fear, the sight is just as powerful as touch. Find a good supplier and browse. Do you feel a slight tingle or unreasonably drawn to one of them? Good, that’s your pendulum. Though it feels good to go to an old fashioned shop and feel your purchase, in todays modern world that sometimes can not be done.


Another option is to make the pendulum yourself. It is rather simple, attach your choice of weight (this can be literally anything you feel appropriate) with glue or tie a cord around it, and fix it to a chain, leather cord or string. Most pendulums have a smaller weight at the other end, whether it be a charm or bead to hold on to whilst using the pendulum. Feel free to expand on this and really make it your own.

To get started with your pendulum you need to attune it to you. After it has been cleansed, sit down and just hold it, if it helps close your eyes. Think of what you want from the pendulum. After a short while, hold the top of the cord with your thumb and forefinger and keep your hand still. Ask it a simple question, answerable by yes like “is my name bob?” note the way the pendulum swings, usually either widdershins or deosil. They can also swing towards a certain direction. Keep a note of its answers, and throw in some trick ones like “Am I a llama?” to note which direction is no. (Note: Llamas find it difficult to use pendulums as they do not have a thumb or forefinger). Do not expect yes to be deosil and no to be widdershins, my first pendulum had it the other way around which surprised me. Soon you should be getting the same results consistently, if not, don’t despair. Put down the pendulum and try again later, these things can take time.

Pendulums are commonly used for two reasons, asking questions and finding lost items. For the former, if you are fully in tune with your pendulum you should be able to ask any yes/no answerable question and get an answer. If the pendulum does not move, then the question is unanswerable at this time. Pendulum boards are available from many new age shops, they can be useful, but not at all necessary. Obviously different from the deosil/widdershins version, but still in need of attunement.

pendulum board

To find lost items, you can simply hold the pendulum and ask it where said item is, the pendulum should swing in the direction of the missing item. You could also try drawing a simple plan of your home/wherever you had the item and letting the pendulum hover over it, indicating what room it should be in.

The pendulum can be a wonderful tool, sometimes we just need that little extra help along our paths, and the pendulum is a rather useful guide. It can be beneficial to keep it on a windowsill at night to charge it, especially if it’s being used a lot. Need to bump up that energy!

Until next time, Blessed Be

The Basic Witch.





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