Blessed Ostara/Spring Equinox everyone! Finally, we are seeing the back of winter, and colour is coming back into the world (if you live in the southern hemisphere; Happy Mabon/Autumn Equinox guys!)

I keep this sabbat fairly low key. In the run up I have my traditional “spring clean” making sure everything is tidy and nice for the new season, though my two kids make it damned near impossible to keep it in that state! My altar has daffodils  brightening it up, incense is burning and there is a special feeling about the place. Spring has truly sprung!

For Ostara, though low key here, we have a special meal, I’ve made a spring lemon cake, the kids made egg decorations and I will do a small ritual this evening when I have some peace and quiet. The idea of freshness seems to be abounding right now for me, a fresh start, shaking off the dust of the winter months and letting the breeze in, so i thought I would share a couple of little things I do for the spring equinox with you, these can be used whenever you like!

Wash Away Winter Water

This is to clean your floors with as part of your “spring clean”. You can use herbal infusions, or essential oils, whatever you prefer. This is my personal mix, but feel free to dabble and try making your own.

1 cup basil infusion or 10 drops eo (essential oil)
1 cup cedarwood infusion or 10 drops eo
1 cup lemon infusion or 10 drops eo

fill the rest of your bucket/basin with hot water, and using a cloth or mop, wipe down the floors and cupboards around your home.

If you’re not sure how, to make an infusion you are basically just boiling the herbs etc in a cup of hot water. A tea strainer is ideal for this, but it is a good idea to keep a seperate one for things like this and for drinkable tea infusions. Leave to infuse for a good 5-8 minutes, though you can go longer if you like, and add to your mixture.


Planting  Power

Spring is a great time to tend to that overgrown wreck you call a garden (shields eyes from weed infested  strip of ground outside). There are many gorgeous plants that are ideal to plant around now such as Hellbore, Tulips and Crocus’. Prepare your soil for planting your flowers, and on a little piece of paper, write a hope for the coming year. This could be for anything, but try to think on the positive, your fresh start, your new beginnings. Place the paper underneath the plant, fill in and water. This would be a great thing to do with the kids. As you tend to the plants, and as they grow and blossom, think on this hope. It should bloom with the flowers.


An Ostara Blessing

Best served with ale, wine, mead or fruit juice 😉

For new growth and new life
For the harvest we hope to gain
For the suns embrace, for the goddess’ grace
I thank you and raise my glass

For light and for warmth
For hope and for strength
For fresh starts, and healed hearts
I thank you and raise my glass.

For seeds that are sown
The cold nights are gone
I stand here alone
I thank you and raise my glass.

Give some of your drink as offering to your deity/nature, and drink your fill.

Have a wonderful Ostara folks! However you celebrate, may you be full of hope and joy.

Until next time, Blessed Be

The Basic Witch.


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